Q: Do I need to be in the greater Philadelphia area to hire Michelle Gage Interiors?

A: Nope! We are available to travel for full service projects.

Q: How quickly can we get started?

A: We review all prospective client inquiries by the end of each week. If we feel that you’re a good fit for our firm, we will be in touch to schedule a discovery call to learn more about each other. From there we will schedule an in-home consultation at your convenience.

Q: Do you charge for the initial consultation?

A: Absolutely! Any designer worth one’s salt charges for the first meeting. Our current consultation fee for local clients is $400. A complimentary discovery call precedes every consultation.

Q: What should I expect of the initial consultation?

A: The consultation is a chance for our designers to get to know you and see your home. During this meeting, we will talk about how you need your home to function and brainstorm general design ideas. We won’t make any concrete decisions in this meeting – just gain some direction.

Q: What does the entire design process look like?

A: Take a peek at our services and process page to see how we flow through each design phase.

Q: Do we need to use your preferred contractors or can we use someone we have already worked with in the past?

A: We’re dedicated to making sure your project is finished to the highest standards possible – and we know that you are too. Therefore, it is very important that we line up the right contractor for your project – and that they are available within the timeline that you wish to get started. While we of course look for high quality work from our trades, we also look for outstanding communication, as that combination makes for the best results. While our first preference is to utilize our trusted team of trades people, we are more than happy to work alongside any contractors who will bring both that high quality work and communication to the project so they can help us bring your dreams to life. Ultimately all trade partners will be hired at the discretion of Michelle Gage Interiors.

Q: Who coordinates the work that we need these tradespeople to execute?

A: We do! Within our full service offering, our team works with tradespeople to secure quotes and coordinate the work that is to be executed. However, these tradespeople work independently of Michelle Gage Interiors and are our partners rather than our employees.

Q: I want my house to look finished, but I don’t have the time to do it myself. If I hand over the reins, will you ensure that the space looks like “me?”

A: Ultimately, our goal is for your home to reflect YOU. The initial stages of our design process are focused on getting to know you, your home and family and the unique aesthetic you are seeking from Michelle Gage Interiors. We do this through an all-hands Kick-Off Meeting where we walk you through a variety of design styles and concepts, followed by a thorough discussion of your own inspiration images.

Once we reach the Moodboards & Measurements meeting you will be presented with a personalized design concept for your spaces. We welcome and meticulously record all feedback to ensure each element of the ensuing design is exactly what you need and want. Our goal is that the design presentation should meet and exceed the aesthetic expectations we have set forth through our multiple conversations and exercises regarding design preferences.

Q: I know that you can make it pretty, but will my home be functional?

A: At Michelle Gage Interiors, we believe that form and function work hand in hand. We aim to create a space that’s not only aesthetically and visually pleasing -but one that adheres to all the needs required for it to be easy and effortless to live in. We visit Highpoint Market twice a year to see, touch and sit on every item in the showroom so that we know the furniture we recommend is of great quality and right for your home. We do all the leg work so you don’t have to!

Q: Are you going to make me wallpaper everything?

A: No, but yes. 😉 We aren’t wallpaper pushers, meaning we don’t want to see every wall covered in print. However, if you’re doing a decorating project and are leery of wallpaper, we probably aren’t the right firm for you. We are sought after for our ability to select tasteful, timeless, yet whimsical wallpapers – though we can rein it in when appropriate. See A Bold + Bejeweled New Build for an example.

Q: How big does my project have to be? How much will it cost me?

A: We are currently evaluating projects with a minimum scope of 2-3 full rooms and a minimum overall investment of $75,000 when planning for furnishings and décor. If you’re considering renovating your home, those numbers can look very different depending on the age and location of the home. If you’re interested in beginning a project with Michelle Gage Interiors, please fill out our inquiry form and our Project Coordinator will be in touch. For more about quality furnishings and room investment overview, please visit our blog.

Q: Can I speak to past clients about their experience with your firm?

A: We do not share our clients’ personal information. However, you can read past testimonials here.

Q: Where have I seen your work before?

A: You may have seen our work featured in Domino, Design Sponge, Lonny, Philly Mag – or any of these other wonderful publications.

Q: Ok, I’m hooked! What are the next steps to start working with your firm?

A: All potential clients are asked to fill out this project inquiry form. If we think you’re a good fit for Michelle Gage Interiors, we’ll be in touch to schedule a discovery call to learn more about each other!

Q: Oh hey, one more thing! Can I use your photos for my own purposes?

A: No one is permitted to use our photos or content without written consent from Michelle Gage Interiors LLC.

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