Before and After: My Home Office

When we moved into our house, there was this awkward little room off of the dining room. The room had gross, red paper tile. Kitchen cabinets hung on the walls. It was a tight space, but there was potential for it to turn into valuable square footage. We envisioned it being the perfect place to keep a computer and the piles of paperwork that comes with being an adult. 

To transform this space, we ripped the cabinets out to make the room feel more open. The floors were replaced with the same slate tile we used in our kitchen. Alex built this super cool shelving unit and the amazing white desk. The desk leaves us plenty of room to work side by side. We truly don’t need much storage in this space and the tiny closet we have does the trick. The wallpaper sets the room apart and adds some interest to this otherwise neutral setting. 

We’re totally pleased with how the room turned out. It’s a small space, but it fits our needs perfectly. I encourage you to attempt a mini makeover like this in your own home. We use this room than I could’ve imagined when we first moved in. BONUS!

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