Signature Style: Velvet Upholstery

The goal of my projects is to have them reflect my client’s personal style. I want the home to look like them, with my guiding hand. That said, there are a few themes I work into many of my designs. These themes are the what I like to think attract clients to me. They are part of my “signature style.”

I’m starting a series that highlights these themes – or trends if you will. I hesitate to call them trends, because I find them to be pretty timeless. For this first round, let’s look at velvet upholstery.

To say I am a dedicated fan of this look is an understatement. What I’m really digging is jewel-toned velvet specifically. I enjoy working with clients who share this same sentiment. I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing clients who have a similar style to mine. It’s a match made in heaven when a client comes to me, looking for velvet upholstery. It is a regal look that doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. It can totally transform a space and often becomes the room’s star piece.

I’ll continue with this series by talking about other themes you can see within my design work. If there is any trend you’ve noticed, comment below. 

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