Signature Style: Fearless Wallpaper

For this installment of Signature Style, I’ll be discussing Fearless Wallpaper – and what it can do for your space. As you scroll through some of these images, you may be reminded of this post. Well, to be fair, my favorite projects are the ones that include a few of my favorite themes – not just one. 

As a designer, you know your work has themes when strangers slide into your Insta DMs with WOWZA wallpaper pics. Side note, wallpaper fanatics are the only people hitting up those DMs – I’m cool with it. 

So why do I love wallpaper? I truly love a GOOD print. I love something that’s totally different and POPS. That said, all wallpaper is not created equal. While I tend to push wallpaper where possible, there are a lot of bad options out there. I like my wallpaper to be totally original, colorful and have a bit of a kick. Think flamingos and birds of paradise. 

While I can find a use for wallpaper in any room, there are a few spaces that I find accept this look well. First and foremost, powder rooms are the perfect places to put paper. Wallpaper is pricier than paint, so using it a small space helps you to cut costs. It’s also a room where you aren’t matching back to much, so you can go BOLD and have it be its own thing.

I don’t care for painted accent walls, but I do like wallpapered ones. Wallpaper works well as an accent in offices or behind headboards. Lining all four of your room’s walls requires a lot of commitment. If you are just looking to dip your toes into this theme, just select one wall.

If you are brave enough to go BOLD, gimmie a call. Let’s talk paper! 

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