Signature Style: Stranger Art

It’s so secret – I’m into some funky artwork. My favorite subject is PEOPLE. I love finding vintage oil paintings of unfamiliar faces – or what I like to call “stranger art.” 

I find it so fun to sprinkle photos of strangers throughout the house. In our last house, everywhere you turned, you were greeted by a friendly face. Our walls were littered with friends of all ages. Our shelves were lined with these painted pretties. 

I am thrilled to say that I am working with a client right now who is as obsessed with this look as I am. She prefers black and white photographs to painted canvases, however. We’re going to line her set of newly built floating shelves with images of her ancestors. She has a great collection and I am tickled pink to play with these frames. I really dig the look of displaying these pieces together to create a collection; it makes a much bigger statement when like items are shown in one spot rather than scattered around the room. 

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