Our Design Plans: Laundry Closet

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I am very excited to share this upgrade with you all. When we purchased this house nearly 2 years ago, a busted washer and dryer greeted us at the back door. The appliances were sitting on shaky ground in the area between the makeshift mudroom and kitchen. We quickly replaced the damaged set, but their location stayed the same as we didn’t yet have a new hook up.

We knew that washer and dryer had yet to find their forever home. Our plan was always to move them upstairs and had been eyeing a pair of closets (one in the hall and one in an adjacent bedroom) to transform into the laundry room of our dreams. Our intention was to knock down the wall in between the two and open the space up to essentially be one large closest. Initially, we were calling this space the “laundry room” but in actuality it is much more of the scale of a “laundry closet.” As we played with the floor plan of the new opening, we quickly realized that all of our laundry room dreams would require knocking down additional walls and potentially coming into the nearby bathroom. We weren’t willing to shrink that space and therefore settled on what made the most sense.

floor plan

For this design, we wanted to keep things simple – but FUN and of course functional! Truly, all a laundry closet needs is a couple of machines and maybe a place to fold. Having not yet mastered the art of finding the perfect place to hang all those pesky “hand wash only” items, I knew I wanted a sink and drying rack. Upper cabinets would have made this small space feel too cramped, so we are opting for a set of wall shelves to store any powders or detergents. For a kick of color, the lower cabinet chosen is painted a fresh mint shade. Then, of course, the space was in need of some wallpaper. These fresh leaves drive home the clean and peaceful vibe.

As is true with our other room renovations, we’re keeping the home’s original hardwood floors. We’re installing a simple concrete countertop over the appliances and sink for some room to fold. A wall-mounted chrome utility faucet will be a feature on the back wall.

We’re hoping that this project wraps up at the end of 2019. We’ve made some good progress so far, but with all the other renovations going on right now, this is at the bottom of our list – behind the kitchen, butlers pantry and mudroom. At the moment, we have the appliances in their final resting place and the drywall work is complete. We still need to have the wallpaper hung and the countertops templated/installed for the sink and faucet. All will be revealed soon – stay tuned!!


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