8 Elements Every Dining Room Needs

We’ve designed a lot of dining rooms in our day. Each room tells the story of the family who lives there – be it how they gather as a group, entertain friends or work from home. No matter the size of your space, dining rooms all need the same 8 elements to make them function for daily use.

1. Lighting is a crucial player in the dining room game. It can be subtle or the star – but it is always needed. Most of our dining room designs include a statement chandelier. We love this glass and brass flower burst style for the power it provides to the room.

2. A table is obviously the most important element to consider when designing a dining room. It can be square, round or rectangular. It can be small, long – or even have an extendable option. This piece is the anchor that all of your chairs will gather around, so it’s got to be GOOD!

3. Chairs can be tricky. The first consideration we make when sourcing chairs for our clients is whether or not they prefer for them to be upholstered. Upholstered chairs can oftentimes provide an additional comfort (by way of their padding), color and print. However, they can come at an additional cost. Chairs that aren’t upholstered tend to feel more modern and less traditional. They can be comfortable and colored – but rarely a vehicle for pattern.

4. We are big believers that your dining room deserves a rug. We understand that spills may happen – which is why we take care when selecting rugs of the right material and going the extra mile to have them stain-protected. Rugs help to ground your table and chairs, while adding a splash of color to the room.

5. What would a roundup be without wallpaper!? We love adding this element to dining rooms. It’s a fun way to wind up the whimsy. When looking to pulse wallpaper throughout your home, we always recommend adding it to both your powder room and dining room. These are two spaces that can always handle a kick of color and print!

6. If your space’s size allows for it, we recommend adding a buffet to your dining room. These pieces can provide loads of storage where you might otherwise be lacking. Buffets (or sideboards) act as a great place to neatly store spare serving trays and utensils.

7. Artwork gives your dining room some soul. That said, we never like to overdo it. One or two larger statement pieces is all it takes to transform your space. Don’t be afraid to get personal. This photograph reminds our clients of a trip they took to Hawaii – pretty with a purpose!

8. Did you think we’d get through this post without talking about bar carts? Bar carts provide so much fun and function to a dining room. They act as both great serving and storage stations – and are cute to boot!

Happy Decorating! xx

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