Bringing The Outdoors In

Since moving into our sun-soaked studio in December, our team has been scheming about what plants to style it with. There is no shortage of inspiration for beautifully designed plant-filled spaces and we wanted to take a few minutes to share our tips for starting your own “plant palace.”

If you are in need of some fresh greens to spruce up your space for spring, our Project Coordinator Molly recommends Cultivated Bohemians in Northern Liberties. “They have an amazing selection and are very knowledgeable and helpful. I gifted a few different plants to friends during the holidays and the team at Cultivated Bohemians were kind enough to write out care directions for each one.”

A colorful and bright styled bookshelf adorned with Palm Springs inspired-decor and a variety of houseplants. By Michelle Gage.

Almost as important as the plant itself, is the vessel it will live in. First of all, it should be the appropriate shape and size for the plant. Scale always matters! Make sure it will have adequate drainage and if it comes with a saucer, all the better. The locally-made Palmer Planter Company has a gorgeous selection of handmade pots to choose from. You can check out their offerings and other local ceramicist plant lovers at Ceramic Concept in West Philadelphia.

Walter Pine Floral Studio in Queen Village is the perfect one-stop shop for gorgeous plants and planters. They have a wide variety of both, in addition to home décor, self-care items and gifts. You’ll struggle to find something less than gorgeous in this eclectic and inspiring boutique.

Private residence in Villanova, PA. For use by Michelle Cage Interiors ONLY Please credit: Rebecca McAlpin when applicable Copyright 2018 Rebecca McAlpin. All Rights Reserved.

To get your green thumb started, here are some low-maintenance, high-reward plants:

The Sansevieria, also known as the Snake plant is a perfect introduction. It can adapt to many bright and low light conditions and likes to completely dry out between waterings, just once every 2-4 weeks. In addition to requiring very little from you, the snake plant is beloved for its air purifying benefits.

Pilea Peperomioides have gained immense popularity recently as the “Friendship Plant.” This pet-safe plant regularly produces “pups” or “babies” that can easily be snipped off and gifted to friends for them to grow their own! A fast grower, the pilea loves bright, indirect light and likes its top 1-2” of soil to dry out before watering, ideally once a week.

In addition to the Pilea and Sansevieria, the ZZ plant is known as an easy-care confidence builder for new plant parents. They like low to bright indirect light, prefer their soil to dry out completely between watering, once every 2 weeks.

With the right plant for the job and a beautiful vessel that speaks to your aesthetic, your living spaces will feel bright and fresh all year long. Your home and new plants will thank you for it!

Interior photos of a private residence in Philadelphia, PA for use by Michelle Gage Interior Design only Please credit: Rebecca McAlpin when Copyright 2019 Rebecca McAlpin. All Rights Reserved.

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