Why Project Management Matters

It seems like everyone and their mother is looking to make moves on a home project of some sort this year! If you’ve been diving deep into pretty Pinterest pages or inspiring Instagram images, you’ve likely seen a bevy of highly styled “after” shots. Ever wonder what it takes to get there?

On design projects without heavy renovation, we have upwards of 5 trades involved, along with our handling all the furniture delivery and styling.* These trades hang wallpaper, patch and paint walls, install lighting, stain-treat upholstery – and more! The order in which everyone does their jobs matters immensely. This dance requires careful choreography, as well as our experience, knowledge and a very fine eye for quality – it takes many expert hands to bring our shared vision to life.

*On larger renovations, the number of unique trades professionals involved can very quickly exceed 10!

When we say we manage trades, we mean we MANAGE IT ALL! Contractors call all the time – sometimes multiple times a day. We answer each call ready and willing to advise and problem solve to the benefit of the project. Our team is here so that you won’t be interrupted with the details. We’re able to spot and preemptively address potential hurdles in advance through experience and technical specifications. Sometimes the problem-solving can’t happen until something is opened up or uncovered, but when that time comes, we handle it for you. We love working on both new and old homes and we’ve seen some pretty funky stuff. Alex, our dedicated Engineer + Trades Manager, speaks the same language as contractors and LOVES creating unique solutions for the benefit of our clients.

We have wonderful partnerships and work with the same trades professionals on countless projects. We’ve vetted a lot of people and we only work with the best in their industries. Because these talented craftspeople share our standards for quality, they prioritize our clients and know a Michelle Gage Interiors project is a well-managed environment that is sure to deliver incredible results. This means your home project is highly valued in their schedule and they work to make it happen more rapidly than a one-off job.

We’d love to tell you all the unique and creative ways our team and trade partners can make your home project incredible! Our team brings leadership, efficiency and vision to the spaces you call home. If you’d like to find out more, please fill out our inquiry form

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