Keeping Up Exceptional Service

We highly value phenomenal customer service here – that’s what we focus on delivering to each of our clients. We’re the point person (with engineering skills and TONS of experience) for all the contractors and trades, the design experts pulling the whole project together, all while keeping the client’s needs, wants and lifestyle at the forefront of every decision.

Michelle Gage Interiors Studio

The shifting landscape of the production and supply chain systems has been in the news a lot lately. One element that doesn’t seem to make it to the lead is the cost cutting measures companies involved in the supply chain have undertaken – specifically around decreasing service.

A lot of furniture and material vendors have been reducing their level of customer service in order to balance inflating production costs. While this may cause some headache for us as the last link in the supply chain, we never let it trickle down to our clients. We are always looking for better ways to serve the families that entrust their homes to us.

Michelle Gage Interiors Studio
Michelle Gage Interiors Studio

Through our long-term relationships with vendors, we’re able to gain insider knowledge of the supply chain issues affecting our projects. We coordinate with these partners to find in-stock, quick-ship goods when necessary and have more detailed timelines for delivery ensuring that our client’s are only presented with solutions, not problems.

In order to provide exceptional customer service, we deliberately schedule each project so we’re never stretched too thin, enabling each element of the design to be thoroughly considered and tailored to the unique people and spaces for which we design. Everything we do is with YOU in mind! 

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Michelle Gage Interiors Studio

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