Michelle’s Merida Recap

Earlier in March, Alex and I whisked ourselves away to Merida for some much needed R+R. This colorful and vibrant city is certainly worth visiting – and I have some hot tips if you intend to check it out yourself!
We found an incredible home on airbnb, outfitted with a pool and a hot pink wall. What more could you ask for! I would highly recommend this place – not only for its great ambiance but also its central location to many museums, shops and restaurants. We did nearly everything on foot, the only exception being one of the museums that required calling a cab.  

We spent most of our mornings visiting various sites and exploring local markets and shops. As with every international trip we take, we made sure to get to some good museums, our 3 favorites being Canton Palace, Mayan World Museum of Merida and Museo de Arte Popular de Yucatan…beware of the cheetahs hiding in the bathrooms of the last one!

Now for the fun stuff…shopping! There are plenty of unique shops, filled with authentic jewelry, woven bags and embroidered treasures. Walk down any side street and you will stumble upon some. I snagged some smaller goodies that I was able to squeeze into my suitcase. BY FAR my favorite shopping destination (and I don’t use that term lightly…it is a destination) was Casa T’Ho. I cannot say enough incredible things about this stunning spot. Not only was the building and center courtyard STUNNING, but the curated assortment of goods was equally impressive. My favorite travel souvenir to acquire is jewelry. I love getting something to wear throughout the year that reminds me of my travels and Casa T’Ho did not disappoint. (Be sure to check out the link- this image is from Mercado Principal y Taller de Arte Maya – Hunab Ku and not Casa T’Ho since my iphone photos did not do it justice!)

Casa T’Ho also had a stunning central open-air cafe, with yummy drinks and desserts. If all your shopping leaves you exhausted, you can certainly get a refreshment here. It would be downright sinful to go to Merida and miss this hot spot!

Speaking of food, man was it good in Mexico. We ate dinner out each night so it’s safe to say we tried our fair share of Mexican cuisine. My top picks for good eats are Casa Chica, Coyote Maya and Rosas & Xocolate. Rosas & Xocolate was just incredible. There is rooftop dining, but it wasn’t open on the days we dined there. Yes, I said days. It was so good that it was worth a second visit! I recommend the tomato salad and Alex favors the portobello mushroom. For dessert, Artehelado de la 60, a new sweet spot, had some of the best gelato I’ve ever tasted.

Lastly, be sure to visit the local parks and take a seat in the iconic white Confidant Chairs.
Enjoy your stay & don’t forget the bug spray!

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