Debunking The Myth Of Renovation Vs. Furniture Investment

During initial talks with many clients, we often find ourselves debunking the myth that a client’s investment is best spent in a way that’ll be reflected in the home’s value when it’s time to sell. While there are certainly steps you can take to ensure this through renovation, the sure-fire way to guarantee a return on your investment is by focusing funds on items that will immediately impact your family’s ability to live comfortably in your home over a long period of time. And unlike costly renovations, you get to take all your beautiful furniture with you when you leave!

Quality furnishings tailored to your personal needs and aesthetic will provide value for years if not decades to come with proper care and usage. In the case of upholstery, it can be very tricky to find unique furniture styles that are comfortable in addition to being well designed with quality materials and craftsmanship.

That is precisely why our team makes the trip to High Point, NC every year for the trade exclusive furniture markets – you can read more on that here! We dash from showroom to showroom evaluating all the best frames, fabrics, cushion options, customizations and more so that our client’s know they are getting first-hand knowledge and advice on what pieces are right for them. We can’t wait to return this April to see what’s new!

During the design process, our team always keeps our client’s long-term plans in mind. When it comes to case goods, we source well-made products that not only functional properly (no janky drawers, here!), they can be rehomed and repurposed in other spaces later on. A living room end table can become a guest room nightstand, while a cabinet filled with games in the den or china in the dining room can later move to a child’s bedroom for additional clothing or toy storage. By sourcing pieces that we know will grow with our clients’ families, we’re giving them the flexibility to maximize on their investment and comfort long after the design is complete.

Functionality and flexibility are crucial to designs that not only look good but perform well too. Poufs and small ottomans are our favorite ways to introduce elements of sneaky storage and flexible seating in petite doses throughout the home. Colorful rugs made from durable, easy-to-clean materials like wool can be rearranged in different spaces of a new home for a sustainable and cost-effective update.

Down the line, it’s simple to refresh sofas and armchairs with updated toss pillows and blankets, while dining and office chairs can easily be recovered for a totally new look. By investing in quality goods from the start, you can ensure long term comfort and functionality that the whole family enjoys.

Kitchen and bath updates are certainly worthwhile endeavors and often necessary to making a new house your true home – but keep in mind, the elements you’re looking to replace may be the items your sellers were certain would add value to their home. Between labor and material costs, it takes years before most homeowners do see a return on their renovation investment.

Furniture lead times are starting to resemble their pre-pandemic timelines so it’s helpful to keep these factors in mind when deciding how best to make a house your dream home. Rather than going all in on permanent updates that may only appeal to you, great furniture pieces that your family interacts with every single day will be a more cost-efficient and valuable investment in the long run.

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