Delighting In The Deliverables: What You Really Get From An Interior Design Firm

Our approach to design has been refined over many design presentations and we understand that trust and transparency are paramount to a successful designer-client relationship. The design phase culminates with an in-depth colorful presentation where clients are shown fully actualized designs for the spaces in their home. It is replete with renderings, material boards, floor plans, product proposals and imagery, physical samples GALORE and the necessary labor estimates to pull the whole thing off.

Clients seek us out for our ability to visualize the things they cannot and our job as designers is to help them conceptualize all that we propose. Each element of the design presentation is paramount to that goal. Renderings can put a viewer into a space to get a realistic sense of a room’s flow and ambiance. We will even show you how a new plush ottoman may become your cat’s favorite spot for an afternoon nap.

The design boards and physical samples are critical tools that help reinforce how the elements communicate with one another for a cohesive, intentional design. Every item is detailed on floor plans that illustrate how a room feels spatially and explains the rhyme and reason for a particular layout.

When designing multiple spaces throughout the same home, our team is hyper aware of our client’s overall investment. During earlier meetings in the design process, we discuss the areas to save vs. splurge. A sofa for a family of movie buffs might call for upgraded cushions and custom performance fabric while a busy entryway can be perfectly outfitted with a cheerful washable rug. By truly understanding our client’s needs and priorities, our team is qualified to guide them through each proposed item and explain areas where a little extra spend would make a huge difference as well as areas where it’s okay to cut back without sacrificing the overall design.

Our team does the legwork each year at High Point to guarantee we’re recommending quality items that are worthy of your home. Supporting materials like product imagery help to capture the unique details that set a furniture piece apart. We share the price of every item and labor estimates with our clients at the time of presentation so they have all the information needed to make educated purchasing decisions.

For example, it’s no secret that wallpaper is our passion! In addition to showing our clients exactly what their room will look like enveloped in pattern, we also price the yardage needed for their space and provide labor estimates from our trusted trade partners for installation. When you collaborate with Michelle Gage Interiors you can rest assured that no detail goes unaddressed.

The design presentation is the major milestone between the design and procurement phases of your home’s project. Our team is committed to providing as much information as possible with our clients at this time so that they can feel empowered to make the appropriate choices for the needs of their home and family. Our tried and true design process and polished deliverables leave our clients in a perfect position to sail through the decisions that lay before them and our team is always available to help them stay the course.

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