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I’ve never had a mudroom before and I feel like I’ve been missing out all my life. You’re telling me that there’s a room in one’s house dedicated to storing your wet umbrellas, muddy boots and dirty dog supplies – all in an effort to keep the rest of the house pristine?! I’M SOLD!!

While the mudroom is still somewhat of a ways away, part of me longs for it and part of me hopes the process drags out. Why?! Well won’t I have “peaked” when it’s completed? I mean, after you’ve secured an entire room dedicated to MUD…what’s left?! I’m kidding, of course!! Once this room is complete, I will JUMP for JOY!! I already know which hooks will hang my dogs’ leashes and which will be bookmarked for a feather duster.

Our design plan is simple but impactful. We plan to line the walls in wainscoting, painted the same powder blue color as the kitchen cabinets. The floor tile will be simple but stunning black and white star shapes. We’ll add vintage theater seats, which I have been holding onto for some time now. Decorative hooks, art and lights will finish the look.

I’m super excited to have a mudroom that functions well for our furry zoo of four. We’re thinking of keeping both the dog and kitten bowls out here, so their splashing water doesn’t damage the hardwood.

floor plan

In terms of changing the structure, we have already ripped out a spare “toilet room” that encroached into valuable mudroom territory. Fun Fact: This house had 4.5 bathrooms and 1 toilet room. Yep, just a random room with a toilet. No sink. Just a door that opened to the lonely commode. We thought we could easily get by on just 4.5 bathrooms for 2 people so that toilet was flushed. 😉 By removing that small room, we are able to bust through the garage wall to gain access into that space. Currently, there’s no access to the garage from the house. Since the mudroom is right off the kitchen, it made all too much sense to have garage access. One day, when we’re able to pull our cars into the garage (need a new door – add it to the long list of fixings to be done), it will be great to haul our groceries in through the mudroom then to the kitchen. You’ll have to come back soon to see the reveal – we’re aiming for a December 2019 competition date.

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