The Inside Scoop On Highpoint Market

We’re back from Highpoint Market, baby, and our brains are buzzing with all of the amazing ways we can use the standout furniture pieces we saw in our client projects! Typically, we travel to market twice per year. Due to Covid, we didn’t attend shows in 2020, so this summer trip was much needed. We are able to meet face to face with our dedicated reps who are always eager to educate us on their product and construction methods. They are vital to ensuring a successful outcome for our clients.

For every visit, we make a plan of what we wish to accomplish. This go around, we were in need of new lighting and rug options. Since every project we complete is totally tailored to the client, we shy away from repeating pieces in our designs. This means we’re always on the hunt for something new, fresh and exciting! Luckily, there were a lot of new collections showcased that we were able to see before they even launched.

We always make a point to check the quality of the goods we’re specifying for our design jobs. We open drawers, sit on sofas and touch fabrics to ensure that we’re only sharing the best of the best with our clients. Covid has caused some shortages and delays, so we were able to touch base with our reps on which items are currently in stock and which have a longer lead time.

It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it. 😉 On a serious note, these shows are ten hours on your feet, walking through all of Highpoint, NC in search of something special. We visit nearly 50 showrooms in the time that we are there, always aiming to bring our clients the best in quality, style and value. We’re so grateful to call this a career…and will be even more grateful when our blisters heal!

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