8 Elements Every Nursery Needs

Nurseries are such fun spaces to design – they hold our most precious cargo and provide us with the opportunity to embrace a design style outside our norm. We know parents have a lot to think about as they prepare for their new arrival, so we are sharing the eight elements every nursery needs to maximize beauty, comfort and function.

1. A Sturdy Crib

As one of the largest and most used pieces of furniture in a nursery, quality and safety are essential. We love one that is designed to transition from a crib to a toddler bed, meeting your family’s needs for multiple phases of childhood. Material finishes and other detail elements are great ways to build on style in the space.

2. A Soft Rug

Aside from color and pattern, comfort and cleanability are the biggest factors we consider when selecting a rug for the nursery. This rug is sure to see all sorts of playtime adventures and spills over the years, so we like to make sure this piece does triple duty: aesthetic, softness and durability.

3. Book Shelving + Easy Toy Storage

Reading with baby is an important activity to start right from the get-go, so we design in plenty of considered storage for books and engaging toys that can grow with your child. Wall-mounted shelves, niched storage and other secured shelving are wonderful ways to display reading materials, while textured bins and baskets make toys accessible to your child’s fingertips.

4. Wallpaper – The Perfect Place To Do Something Sweet!

What better place to add wallpaper than a nursery! Whether it’s on the walls or ceiling (or both), enveloping the space in considered color and pattern is a beautiful way to bring in additional dimension into the room.

5. Animal Motifs

Bringing in sweet animals – whether through wallpaper, art or plushies – is a fun way to create focal points for baby and spark imagination as they grow. Bonus: they can make for a great distraction for baby while undergoing diaper changes!

6. A Dresser At the Proper Height For A Changing Table

A dresser that is just the right ergonomic height for a changing surface can provide much needed organizational flexibility for infancy (how fast do they go through those clothing sizes!), plus last well beyond the diaper years. We like to add a grippy changing pad or sturdy topper to a quality dresser to mesh great style with smart storage and efficient function.

7. A Cozy Chair Or Rocker + Ottoman

Comfortable seating, potentially with a rocking or gliding motion, is a must for every nursery – this upholstery will see many hours of feeding, reading and cuddling with your baby. The fabric selection and qualities should reflect the anticipated heavy use of this piece while still feeling cozy. Adding an ottoman for additional comfort (and to potentially catch some zz’s), along with a side table and lamp will ready this nook for parenthood at any hour.

8. Layered Lighting

With lots of different activities happening in this space at various times of the day (or night), it’s important to have lighting options that meet many different needs beyond overhead lights. A wall sconce over the dresser/changing table is the perfect way to illuminate a work-horse zone without sacrificing essential surface square footage, while a floor or table lamp by the cozy chair and ottoman can provide soft focused lighting that can be adjusted for quiet hours.

These fail-safe design tips will help you to create a beautiful and functional room you’re whole family will love and grow in. Interested in taking a few baby preparation to-do’s off your list? We would love to bring you the nursery of your dreams!

Some Kudos From Our Client:

We have LOVED working with Michelle, Alisa, Nicole and Alex throughout this past year+ as they have thoughtfully filled our new house from a nearly blank slate. They transformed our home into an absolutely beautiful, comfortable, and functional space that fits our family so well. They listened carefully to what we explicitly said we wanted, while also providing what we didn’t know to ask for as first time homeowners and interior design amateurs! We highly, highly recommend Michelle Gage Interiors to everyone who is looking to bring their dream space to life. We also encourage you to lean into their creativity and trust their vision. It never fails!

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